CHI Healing Institute specializes in using Universal energy to heal, nurture and restore the physical, mental, and spiritual body. Through directed energy work, retreats, workshops, and spiritual mediumship the CHI team is committed to your personal ascension. Our philosophy is simple. Everything has energy. If directed in a positive and clear way, we can use the energy that is around and within us to create the life we want. CHI Healing Institute believes that all beings have the power to tap into the Universal energy and discover that “Energy is Healing.”



La Toya Davis, Ph.D., is a healer, spiritualist, and medium. Over 20 years of practice in African Traditional Religions and earth-and-energy-based healing, La Toya has developed a healing system that incorporates Universal energy, plant and crystal based medicines, and spiritual downloads to offer spiritual rebalancing and guidance. A skilled and proven medium for spirit, La Toya offers intuitive and tarot readings to help identify where healing is needed.

As the owner of CHI Healing Institute, La Toya facilitates an array of group and personal healing rituals, ancestral lineage healing work, Reiki sessions, and spiritual empowerment workshops. Through her product line, CHI Essence, she offers hand-crafted plant based body products to assist with physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

reiki session


Tapping into the Universal Reiki energy, healing energy is channeled and directed to the client to assist with relaxation, healing, pain reduction, and other physical and emotional imbalances.  The Usui Reiki method is used.

Distance Reiki: $60
Private Session Reiki: $75
Pendulum Energy Clearing: $40


tarot cards


Through various divination tools, the client is able to access information from the spirit realm to attain greater spiritual alignment. All readings are done via email or phone.

TAROT READINGS: Ask a single question or see what the cards have to say to you through a general reading. 

Single Question: $15
General Reading -10 minutes: $17
General Reading – 20 minutes: $30

INTUITIVE READINGS: I connect with your spirit team and guides to find out what information is most important for you to move forward in your life in that moment.

30 minutes: $40
60 minutes: $65


A guided process facilitated in individual or group settings to help clear stagnant energy, resolve identified or unidentified trauma, and rewrite internalized narratives that prevent you from living life in conjunction with your highest energetic frequency.

Rituals may take place in person (locally) or via video conferencing.
50 minutes: $72
90 minutes: $110
2 hours for groups of 3-5 people: $100 per person

holding her womb


As women, so many emotions, traumas, societal demands are stored and carried in our wombs. This ritual takes you through the process to identify and begin to release energies stored in that area and rewrite.

family roots


This ritual will allow you to identify a particular issue that has been carried throughout the bloodline and begin to bring healing to the lineage.


Sessions designed for kids and adults to provide continuing or introductory learning around various topics. Most sessions are taught in a series format but may be taken as individual classes. Attend a pre-planned session or schedule one for a group.

Dates and Times TBA for pre-planned sessions. Contact us to plan a group session. Prices vary.

child's hands in the dirt


This learning series is designed for kids aged 6-13 to begin to understand herbalism and practical uses for everyday herbs. Through hands-on activities, games, and storytelling, kids will develop a basic understanding of approaching herbs for spiritual and medicinal use, learn recipes to make kid-friendly herbal concoctions, and practice crafting herbal products.

herbs and essential oils


This learning session teaches how to use basic herbs to nurture, protect, and strengthen your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. Participants will learn through doing and leave with herbal remedies  and recipes to build upon. Herbs will be studied with the spiritual and scientific properties.

children meditating


This learning session encourages kids to tap into the power within them and create their own reality. Kids learn how to resonate with various elements (water, air, fire, earth) to assist with their grounding and connecting to the Universe. Kids learn intention setting and the use of affirmations as a practice along with age-appropriate visualization and meditation techniques.

woman meditating


In this session, we learn to distance ourselves from the distractions of life and reconnect with our resolves. This learning session forces us to take a moment and turn our attention inward in order to tap into the energy necessary to allow us to manifest our goals and desires.

reiki energy


Reiki Training Level 1 & 2
Contact for details


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